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Flavita Banana

Flavita BANANA

Oviedo, 1987

Flavia Álvarez-Pedrosa (Oviedo, 1987) stands behind this hyperactive cartoonist. After paying her dues, studying Art and Illustration at Barcelona’s Escola Massana, followed by the obligatory waitressing gigs and having done her utmost to fool herself, she decided to start drawing what she truly wanted to draw and threw herself into the task. Her work has been described as Sad Humour: a combination of cynicism and self-deprecation focussing on romantic relationships, the addiction to social media and the absurdity of existence.  
She publishes daily on social media without rhyme or reason, weekly in El País’ fashion supplement S Moda and monthly in the satirical magazine Orgullo y Satisfacción. Having contributed the illustrations for the non-fiction work Curvy (Lumen, 2016), she has just published her first book as an author: Las cosas del querer (Lumen, 2017).

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