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Miguel Ángel HERNÁNDEZ

Miguel Ángel HERNÁNDEZ

Murcia, Spain, 1977

Photo © Marieli Oviedo

Miguel Ángel Hernández (Murcia, Spain, 1977) is Associate Professor of Art History at the Murcia University and formerly the director of the Documentation Center for Advanced Studies in Contemporary Art (CENDEAC). He has been a Research Fellow at the Clark Art Institute (Massachusetts) and Society Fellow ath the Society for the Humanities (Cornell Ueniversity). He is author of several books on art and visual culture.
As a fiction writer, he has published the shortstories collection Infraleve (Regional, 2004), the novel Intento de escapada (Anagrama, 2013) and the novel El instante de peligro (Anagrama, 2015 – Herralde Prize Second Winner).

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