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Madrid, 1968

© Luis Asín Lapique

Marcos Giralt Torrente (Madrid, 1968) is the author of several  books of short stories and novels. Among them, one should mention the volume of short stories Entiéndame (Anagrama, 1995) and the novels París (Anagrama, 1999 - Herralde Novel Prize) and Los seres felices (Anagrama, 2005).

Tiempo de vida (Anagrama, 2010) has been acclaimed both by critics and readers and was awarded the Spanish National Book Award and the Strega European Award 2014.

His latest book is the collection of stories El final del amor (Páginas de espuma, 2011), winner of the International Short Fiction Award Ribera del Duero, the highest endowed award for story collections in Spain.

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