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Málaga, 1968

© Ángela Ríos

Pablo Aranda is a novelist, a journalis and a tireless traveler. He devotes his time exclusively to writing, both books and articles for several publications. He is the author of the following children’s fiction titles: Fede quiere ser pirata (Anaya, 2012 - City of Malaga Children’s Literature Prize) and the follow-up to Fede’s adventures, El colegio más raro del mundo (Anaya, 2014).
Among his novels for adults, one should mention: La otra ciudad (Espasa Calpe, 2003 - shortlisted for the Primavera Prize and winner of the 10th Andalusian Critics’ Prize to the best debut novel), El orden improbable (Espasa, 2004), Ucrania (Destino, 2006 - winner of the Málaga Award) and Los soldados (El Aleph, 2013). His latest published work is the novel El protegido (Malpaso, 2015).

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