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Alicia KOPF

Alicia KOPF*

Girona, 1982

(*Working in conjuction with L'Altra Editorial).

Alicia Kopf is the artistic name for Imma Ávalos Marquès (Girona, 1982). She studied Creative Arts, Literary Theory and Comparative Literature. She published her first short story collection in 2011, Maneres de (no) entrar a casa (Ways of (not) Entering Home). After her first individual exhibition, at the Joan Prats Gallery in Barcelona, she has participated in many collective exhibitions at CCCB, MACBA or the Tàpies Foundation, amongst others.
Her first novel, Germà de gel (L´Altra Editorial, 2016), has been awarded the Documenta Novel Award 2015 and the Bookseller Award 2016.

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