Together | Ara Llibres, 2023

Even in the midst of darkness, in one of the harshest places on earth, slits of hope can open up that transform lives forever. In the Shatila refugee camp in Lebanon, light entered with Majdi. This Palestinian façade painter formed a girls’ basketball team to steer girls away from a dramatic fate that often begins with child marriage and ends in a spiral of abuse, drugs and honour killings.

Txell Feixas i Torras witnessed the first steps of the team and a decade after its creation she returns to the field to meet Majdi and the players. Through basketball, the coach wanted to save his daughter from a nearby abyss. We will see if Razan let himself be rescued by his father and we will also follow the life paths that his teammates have traced. All of them face the worst rival team: that of male violence.

If in Dones Valentes the journalist portrays individual feminist struggles, in this book she takes a step forward to show us how the new generations of women in the Middle East survive thanks to a network of complicity. The protagonists of this story have discovered that they can dream if someone explains to them that it is possible and that they can be the girls they want to be because, quite simply, they have the right to do so.