Friend | Destino, 2022

A fascinating story blending fiction and reality in which Ana Merino uses her own real discovery of an archive of letters between Joaquín Amigo and his very close friend García Lorca, to write about the power of friendship and the road to emotional recovery.

Academic life can be hell, specially if you best friend and colleague betrays you and destroys the Writing Program you have created after years of hard work. That’s exactly what Inés, a Mexican poet, is going through. She flies from her home at the University of Wisconsin to Madrid for a few weeks to deal with her overpowering anxiety. There, she dives into a new project: to study and classify a bunch of newly found letters between the poet Joaquín Amigo and his close friend, García Lorca, whose betrayal by some friends might have lead to his murder.

The investigation leads to new friendships, the rekindling of an old flame and an unexpected discovery that will change Inés’ life.