Argelagues | 62 / Proa, September 2016

Argelagues portrays these women’s struggles to adapt in the aftermath of the textile revolution, the transition from life in the country to life in a city where industrialisation is in full swing and, above all, the changes felt in everyday family life.

An homage to the efforts of so many women to adapt in the wake of the textile revolution and the harsh transition from rural life to an industrial world, a tale of war, fear, invisibility and a society in thrall to men. The historical backdrop illuminates a novel its author dedicates to “all those women whom fathers, brothers, men, bosses, the church and history have sought to silence”.

The events and voices speak for themselves, staking a claim for the pivotal role played by women in the ever-changing society of the 20th century.

An epic, stirring tale of three generation of women, as well as an homage that was long overdue.