Coses que et passen a Barcelona quan tens 30 anys

Things that Happen in Barcelona When You’re Thirty Years’ Old | Columna, 2008

Our protagonist, a young Majorcan journalist working for a Barcelona newspaper, has just turned thirty.

Blai, who paints aged portraits of his friends, finds himself unable to catch her likeness, making her feel like a muse with nowhere to go, «an idea for a painting struggling to become a painting. Perhaps because it’s time has passed. Or hasn’t yet come. If indeed it ever will.»

Her seemingly stable life takes a sudden unsteady turn when she discovers her rent is about to go up and her job will be gone in six months’ time. While her friends are beginning to settle down, take out mortgages and think about starting families, she stumbles across a letter written by an Englishman to a girl in Barcelona, proposing marriage, leaving her in two minds as to whether or not to pass it on.