El sello indeleble. Pasado, presente y futuro del ser humano

The Human Signature | Debate/Planeta, 2013

Why are humans on Earth and what has made us different from chimpanzees and every other species on the planet? Are human races very old? Does evolution follow a plan and does it move towards progress?

Compiling a list of all human hallmarks and pinpointing their origin in time is an arduous task, and one that is far from being completed. Juan Luis Arsuaga and Manuel Martín-Loeches brilliantly argue that our distinguishing characteristics were not only determined by natural selection, but also by the “hostile nature” of human society. We had to fight society in order to survive and have children. This relevant fact, ignored by science, allows us to better understand our history and helps us speculate about “the man of the future”. An innovative and daring view of our past, present, and future.