El teatro de la luz

The Theater of Light | Gadir, 2013

» Fundación MonteLeón Award

Barcelona, the 1920s. Mauricio is a young skeptic with one single passion: the movies.

A chance encounter leads him to make the acquaintance of Emilio Ciret, a director seeking to break new ground in an artistic form that has already fallen prey to bourgeois complacency, shooting the seamier side of city life. Racketeering, crime, prostitution … Mauricio throws himself headlong into his passion for the silver screen and becomes Ciret’s screenwriter, assistant and confidant.

The protagonists of El teatro de la luz tread the perilous line that separates the well-heeled from the murky underworld. The novel breaks free of the conventions of noir fiction in a brilliant, at times experimental, exploration of the ties that bind life, cinema and literature.