Emulsió de ferro

La Magrana, 2009

(Iron Emulsion) Gracia, November '76. The relative tranquillity of the neighbourhood is shattered by the appearance of a dead body, killed by a gunshot wound, in Raspall Square, the epicentre of the neighbourhood’s Gypsy quarter. The murder of the foreign-looking individual, perhaps German, sets in motion an investigation conducted by policemen who have not yet recovered from the dictator's death, only a year before. Victor Neige, a professional musician and vocational detective knows that the police will make use of the occasion to clean the neighbourhood of undesirable artists, bohemians, communists, anarchists and agents, in short, of Barcelona´s avant-garde and countercultural movements. Neige decides to investigate on his own in order to attempt to minimize damage.

Iron Emulsion, Jovani Sebastià’s first novel, is a classic thriller and also a work of great originality, in which you have to read between the lines, just as in the past Regime. It portrays a neighbourhood and a particular moment in time in which we recognise well known characters and places; some slightly disguised while others not at all. In this novel Jovani Sebastià shows his great sense of rhythm and humour and an enviable ear for language.