iCook. El manual de cocina para emancipados

Planeta, 2012

(iCook. A Recipe Book for Independent People) You can have a balanced diet based on popular products that won’t break the bank, and which can be bought in one weekly trip to any supermarket and won’t mean you’re short of anything or have to throw food away that’s gone off. This book is a guide to nutritional independence with clear, easy-to-apply ideas. Along the way you will learn what is really necessary in a kitchen, good habits for feeling comfortable in a tidy space and the correct way to use cling film, knives and a microwave.

All the cooking techniques here are designed to get the best out of the nutrients in our food and are for cooking three-course meals in under fifteen minutes. A real manual for knowing what to eat and how to prepare it.

"A new, fresh, practical guide for starting to cook from the beginning."  Ferran Adrià