Il·lustres execrables

The Club Of The Abominables | Rosa dels vents, 2018

A selection of the best (in)famous personalities who have gone through Malcolm Otero and Santi Giménez’s top radio program.

The selection is devoted to praising heros’ bad reputations, discover the dark side of their personalities. Because the author, Malcolm Otero and Santi Giménez, can’t stand idols, they love to hate those who are considered essential in writing, acting, music, sports... From Gandhi to Picasso, Elvis or Frida Kahlo.

Malcolm Otero and Santi Giménez make themselves detectives of history and talk to us about the world’s aces of spades- of whom the whole truth has never been told- in a sarcastic and ironic way and with brilliant stokes of genius and humor, composing a book that will drag along the radio program’s stalwarts and an audience eager for entertainment.

As Billy Wilder used to say, no one is perfect, and on these lists we discover that some of the most illustrious personalities in all humanity have also been terrible. The level goes from Nobel prizes winners upward. Addicts, people with little respect for private property (that is, thieves), aggressors, violence seekers, racists, greedy people, opportunists all stand out… Despite everything, the authors admire all of these personalities because they are the pillars upon which the cultural landscape of our lives has been built.