La saga de la Ciudad: Sangre

The Saga of the City: Blood | Insólita, 2018

The Saga of the City: Blood, includes The Book of Ivo and The Book of Shadow, parts one and two, now revised, of The Saga of the City.

If you could do anything, ANYTHING, without consequences, what would you do? Imagine for a moment that every night, while you sleep, you travel to another place. A Realm in which to give free rein to your darkest fears and desires. Now imagine that the doors to the Realm have been closed. That you can no longer rid yourself of all the darkness you harbour within you. That everything you most fear will ultimately come to pass in reality. Imagine that this is not only happening to you. It is happening to everyone.

Picture a place where anything goes. Anything. Picture it again. Now imagine what you’d be willing to do to get in. Or out.

Welcome to The Saga of the City.