Las transiciones

Periférica, 2016

(The Transitions) Franco’s death and the political transition become the backdrop in which the main characters of Ibizan writer Vicente Valero’s new novel function, “four inseparable friends” who live their own particular transition, from childhood to adolescence, in a tumultuous epoch of fast and unpredictable changes, and in a small closed community, insular, devoted mainly to tourism. The narrator casts back to that time that was –beyond its political significance– a rich background for discoveries, fears, expectations, in which adults had to adapt to the new circumstances and find a new lace in the new looming society that was being inaugurated, under the attentive and often bemused look of adolescents.
The friends reunion 20 years after to attend the burial of  one of them provokes a double remembrance: that of those childhood years and the day of the dead friend’s funeral, when the “inseparable friends” then already youngsters transitioning into maturity. Once again, an inspired Valero offers us a magnificent work on both the individual and collective memories. Novel of transitions, in which its author, with a prose that collects with the same expressiveness affection and humour, the historical facts and the personal impressions, fiction and reality, it pictures an essential portrait of the Children of The Transition.