Los árabes del mar

Península, 2005 | The Seafaring Arabs

(The Seafaring Arabs) In 1977, on a trip through the Sudan, Jordi Esteva discovered his fascination for the seafaring Arabs, those legendary characters so evocative for him as a child as Sinbad the Sailor. Captivated by this impulse, he decides to set out for the Red Sea in his search. Following an eventful trip, he manages to get a peek into the world of the South Arabs, the first great sailors, who established in the Indian Ocean the largest and most lucrative naval route in the world, long before the advent of Islam and the arrival of the Portuguese in search of spices.

In 2002, fate moved its strings once again, taking the author to Oman, Sinbad’s country, where he would reencounter those legendary Arabs. Los árabes del mar is travel literature in its purest state. As in Heart of Darkness, the experience of the voyage is a journey of learning. In trying to uncover the memory of the ancient captains of the Arabian coasts, Jordi Esteva takes us on a trip along with him, giving us much to reflect on.