Lucía en la noche

Lucía in the Dark | Espasa Calpe, 2019

Love and grief, suspicion and absence, death and resurrection, messages that seem to come from the world of dreams or beyond – nothing in this book is what it seems. There are two sides to every story.

Alejandro Ballesteros is a writer whose waning inspiration and general decline have led him to give up on himself and the world around him. One drunken night, he meets Lucía and starts to feel life is worth living again. But who is Lucía - this awkward, surly girl who seems to know everything about him? And why is she so reluctant to trust him? What is it that lurks in her past?

Lucía’s disappearance marks the beginning of a desperate search, punctuated by startling revelations from a shadowy world. Alejandro will have to dig deep in order to find answers he might have preferred not to know. His is a journey to the heart of fear and into places where only angels pass freely.