Més il·lustres execrables

More Abominables | Rosa dels vents, 2018

After the success achieved with Illustres execrables, Malcolm Otero and Santi Giménez return with thirty more characters, always with the intention of discovering their hidden side.

A scathing, ironic volume with brilliant wit and humor, which will attract the stalwarts of RAC1's Via Lliure program, as well as an audience hungry for entertainment.

Did you know that James Dean's bad manners were legendary? That in the Warner studios he dedicated himself to spitting on the celebrities' photos? Or that his sense of humor consisted of taking pictures of himself in a coffin? Or that neither Cousteau, nor Charlie Rivel, nor Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente were as angelic as they seem?

Not suitable for the faint of heart, this book makes us laugh, but sometimes it also makes us smile, because the illustrious people who appear in it are more than mischievous.

Otero and Giménez perform a moral autopsy on each of them and teach us how one can be illustrious and execrable at the same time, so that whoever is free of guilt should cast the first stone...

Més il·lustres execrables was born with the aim of highlighting the chiaroscuro characters who have been fundamental to history of mankind, who are idolized, but of whom the whole truth has not been told.