Primera temporada

First Season | Penguin Random House, 2014

First Season: there are those who say that it reads like a much-loved TV series.

So what’s it about? Simple: It’s about falling in love with the wrong person. About friendship. About loss. About betrayal. About addiction. About hypnosis (this part’s cool, you’ll see). About social networks. About the hang-ups of love. About humanity’s need to spin a tale. Is that it? No. We’ve saved the best till last: it’s about TV shows.

Cliff, our leading man, is a young journalist in all sorts of trouble: he falls for California, a sexy young singer who leads him down the road to despair; at the same time he hooks up with the girlfriend of his former best friend (with whom he is no longer on speaking terms). Meanwhile, the daughter of his dad’s new girlfriend is giving him the eye, ratcheting up the sexual tension. As if all that wasn’t enough, his father (a fifty-something bon vivant) has a heart attack and is taken into hospital.

So what else? Well, much as in life itself (and in the very best TV shows), the plot starts to thicken.