Quince días para acabar con el mundo

Fifteen Days for the World to End | Principal de libros, 2014

When we believed in the future. Asturias, 1994. A sixteen-year-old who hates his country and his people, adores grunge music and its prophet Kurt Cobain, and takes refuge in his unjustified dreams of the future. An anorexic and overenergetic teenage girl who suffers mockery and harassment from her classmates and is looking for a way out. A working-class family with peasant roots with secrets and skeletons in the closet.

A people and a country plunged into the first great economic crisis of the Spanish democracy, their freedom as young as the protagonists themselves, on the verge of setting foot into the fraught twenty-first century. The story of a frontier land and a frontier time looking with fascination toward the future. The tale of a generation taking its first steps in the adult world, wavering before realizing that it will achieve nothing of the things it was promised and didn’t even want.