Queen | PRH-Caballo de Troya, 2020

The first memoirs in Spain by a woman from Generation Z who at 19 has become a reference point for poetry and activism.

With an exceptional talent for bringing her prose into dialogue with the history of ideas, and in this way offering a gripping method for intellectual stimulation, Reina examines numerous issues that zigzag between the public and private spheres.

«I believe,» Elizabeth Duval writes, «I was in love with her because she was like a person from a novel, a great stroke of luck, a force without a path or a destiny.»

Though throughout history, the dilemma of writing vs. life has influenced numerous works, the most sensible response has always been there right in front of us, and a reading of this book makes it clear: it is simply literature and life.

A student of Philosophy and Modern Literature, writer and activist Elizabeth Duval (Alcalá de Henares, 2000) has begun a diary that has inevitably transformed her reality, colored by a kind of novelistic conception of existence.

The themes in Reina include university life as an initiation into maturity, politics in late capitalism, post-adolescent love from a perspective that surpasses out expectations abut the matter, the sublime in reflections on the affects, and desire as a universal but also something radically new.