Voces negras: una historia oral de las músicas populares africanas

Black Voices: An Oral History of African Popular Musics | Malpaso, 2024

The voice of the oppressed. An exploration of African sounds, from the first notes produced by early instruments to the legacy of hip hop.

An exploration of the African musical universe, its origins, characteristics, links with Western musics, including cultural, political, and ideological movements and analysis of the dignity, depth, currency, and beauty of Blackness. A cross between reporting and reflection filled with the most relevant and popular names, plus the political and social particularities surrounding the music of Sub-Saharan nations. An overview from the first notes produced by early instruments to the inherited legacy of present-day hip hop.

Black Voices is a sonic journey through the complex history of Africa, a wild symphony that speaks to its musical depth and the cultural exploitation and pillaging that it has endured for centuries. Tania Safura Adam explores how enslavement, colonialism, the rise of modernity, the battles for independence, and Pan-Africanism have shaped and reconfigured the continent’s melodic imaginary. A journey brimming with rhythms, voices, rebels, and visionaries, and which has left an indelible mark on the trajectory of popular musics. This is not a book, it is a weapon: the musical insurrection that casts off the chains of history, shaking the foundations of the present.