David Uclés (Úbeda, 1990) a translation and Interpreting graduate, is an author, musician, illustrator, and translator. He has worked as a Spanish, German, French and English teacher in various countries.

His short stories have received various awards. He won the first prize in the International Short Story Prize, «Cristina Tomi» in 2021 with La filosofa en el café y el pintor en el prostíbulo (The philosopher in the cafeteria and the painter in the brothel) and won the second prize in the Pedro Zarco Prize in 2020 with his story Bicardio Reis.

He has written for various magazines such as Actúa, Quo and Esquire.

As an author, he has published novels such as Emilio y Octubre (Dos Bigotes, 2020) his first foray into magic realism, and El Llanto del León (Ediciones Complutense) for which he received the Complutense Literature Prize in 2019.

In 2022, he received the Montserrat Roig scholarship, and has recently received the Leonardo scholarship of the BBVA Foundation. He is currently working on a new literary project.

La península de las casas vacías

The Peninsula of Empty Houses | Siruela, 2024