A paraules em convides

You’re Making me Speak | Columna, 2005

This book compiles linguistic curiosities, hidden treasures of Catalan speech and of other languages, expressions of a lifetime and those that sprang up yesterday…

Among all the words mentioned, the reader will travel from the footprints of their past to a rabid present, from childhood games to the contemporary world, with brushstrokes of popular culture and notes on the history of things.

It’s a compilation of the author’s contributions to the radio programme Jocs de paraules [Word Games] (Catalunya Ràdio), and the listeners responses to the questions posed, such as since when have the followers of the Español  football team been known as budgies… or what relationship there is between the word porcelain and the female sex. A book conceived so that the reader has a good time. Like the prologue declares:  “Language is a party. Let’s have fun!”.