Aeropuerto de Funchal

Funchal Airport | Seix Barral, 2009

In Aeropuerto de Funchal Ignacio Martínez de Pisón distills the most select of his twenty-five years as a writer and takes stock of his trajectory in the genre of short stories. The compilation, a selection of his best stories, which includes four texts never united in a book, are decanted in soft brushstrokes, psychological penetration and the expressive subtlety of the best Chekhov.

Like photos from an album, the stories in Funchal Airport  recall moments of the past whose spontaneity is revived in the present with irony and nostalgia. Side by side in this imaginary album, live adolescents initiating themselves in love, couples hassled by the passing of time, parents fearful for the health of their children “amateur” porn directors, people who gatecrash banquets, ill-fated matrimonial vacations…