Blitz | Anagrama, 2015

Written with biting humor, the novel is brimful of moving snapshots of lost love and characters who appear to have lost their way inside an hourglass. His mediation on the passing of time will lead our protagonist into the arms of an older woman, Helga, in a cross-generational encounter that is the beating heart of the tale.

Blitz could be classed as a romantic tragicomedy that recounts the exploits of Beto, a young architect who heads to Munich in the company of his girlfriend to Munich to take part in a landscape-painting competition, where he hopes to improve his future prospects. Before long, however, he finds himself dumped, bewildered and heading nowhere. After a flash of lightning (the precise meaning of the word blitz), Beto will have to face up to a change in his life and ideals.

Trapped inside Beto's thoughts, the reader will be unable to stop wondering what the next page will bring. Now what? The answer lies within the pared-down prose style in David Trueba's much anticipated follow-up to Saber Perder, which picked up the National Critics Prize and was shortlisted fot the Médicis Étranger Award.