Discothèque | Anagrama, 2001 / Plot, 2020

Discothèque is black comedy, soap opera, classic tragedy and Shakespearean drama.

A former soldier of the Spanish African war and his son Torosantos, who stars in an erotic show with Dalila Love, are the main characters in this story that takes place during Twelfth Night. Carlitos Seral, a humourless comedian in a seedy night-club; Ana Roche, former writer of love stories, now a porn star; Samblancat, a crop duster; Mercedes Ibarra, who could have been famous in her childhood; Marcela, the local peepshow queen... these are only some of the losers that inhabit this sombre and hilarious story.

What can one expect of a man who bets his son’s life and loses? The ominous quest of a father to kill his son is also the odyssey of a son who must kill his own father in order to survive in this road novel written in a staccato style, which conveys a weird, captivating atmosphere.