Noche de los enamorados

Night of the Lovers | Mondadori, 2012 / Plot, 2020

Condemned for disobedience, Romeo served his sentence in Torrero jail where he shared a cell with Santiago Dulong, who told him of how his wife died during a fight. Noche de los enamorados is a reconstruction of those events.

«This is not a judgement because the dead cannot be judged, and Santiago Dulong died ten years ago. Nor is it the impossible defence of a victim, because offences against the dead cannot be atoned for. And nor is it an essay on justice. All I can do is to write these words: on what appeared in the newspapers, on what the sentence reflected, on freely available legal documents, and on the memories I have of the words spoken by Santiago Dulong, clouded by time and by a  bad smell.» Félix Romeo