El luthier de Delft. Música, pintura y ciencia en tiempos de Vermeer y Spinoza

Acantilado, 2013 | The Luthier of Delft

(The Luthier of Delft)

The Luthier of Delft is an exploration of the music (not to mention the art and science) of the 17th century, with a particular emphasis on Dutch culture. The book revolves around three key figures, the painter Jan Vermeer, the philosopher Baruch Spinoza and the musician Jan Pietrszoon Sweelinck. With this as the starting point, the reader will learn about the construction of musical instruments, their woods and varnishes, as well as the role played by women in art and music, the life of the painters and the symbolic world of their work, the scientific study of optics and the spread of the telescope. A book brimfull of resonance and harmony, wisdom and subtlety.