Foto movida

Suma de Letras, 2014

(Blurred Image) Foto movida is a work of noir fiction, but also a portrait of an unstable, volatile era, albeit a time of undeniable creative frenzy, with the release of Almodóvar’s first feature films. Having just ushered in a left-wing government and eager to embrace modernity, Spain was nevertheless still struggling to cast out several of its demons: terrorism, abuses of power by the police and the military … with a whole new set of woes set to emerge, such as heroin, which laid waste to an entire generation.

Madrid, 1983. A young girl is found dead at a fashionable nightclub. Inspector Luis Mainar is a solitary, sentimental police officer who lives by a strict code of honesty and has a tendency to let rage and melancholy get the better of him. He is assigned to what at first glance appears to be just another overdose. This is off his usual beat and he is soon called back to more violent affairs. But Mainar becomes obsessed with the young girl and the world in which she moved, the buzzing nightlife of the capital. He cannot rest until he discovers the truth of what became of that wretched young girl.