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Brother in Ice | L'Altra Editorial, 2016

» Cálamo Award 2016
» Ojo Crítico Award 2016
» Documenta Novel Award 2015
» Bookseller Novel Award 2016

In her first novel, Alicia Kopf traces the faint line between two worlds: that of reality and that of desire, of emotional closeness and vast distance, the outside and the inside, and the unbalance between one and the other.

This is the story of a fascination with ice and an obsession with the poles of the Earth. An attraction for the strictly physical understanding of these extreme zones, its magnetic and climatological functioning - and also a fascination with the epic history of the conquest of polar regions by explorers such as Amundsen and Shackleton. But there are other pieces of ice in this novel: the ice brother of the narrator, the real brother, who lives frozen within himself – a raw and beautiful metaphor for autism-, or the frozen family relationships, a cold living space, full of complexities and silences, even failed love stories.

Extremely self-aware, very insightful and a pleasure to read, this is a lyrical work written with a fresh style that captures the reader from page one with an intelligent and broken voice that can also be  frozen cold.