Guia sentimental de Perpinyà

Sentimental guide of Perpinyà | Pòrtic, 2015

In this Sentimental Guide to Perpignan and its environs, Bezsonoff offers us a human voyage to better know this too-long forgotten corner of our country.

The Catalan city of Perpignan has a thousand-year history. When Cataluña was a kingdom, it was no less than the country’s second city. Why then do we now see it as the capital of fossilized Catalan?

Joan Daniel Bezsonoff describes it to us “from the other side of the world” and invites us to visit Perpignan and Roussillon. He offers us a sentimental journey through their landscapes, streets, characters, eras, and experiences. Hand-in-hand with him, we will encounter the Eskimos of the Catalan Arctic, will learn why the kings of Mallorca have a palace in Roussillon, will try a bullinada among other culinary marvels, and will speak Catalan with zombies who don’t know they’re expressing themselves in a dead language.

And though the author is merciful with those who choose to have lunch three hours later than everyone else, he won’t forgive those who buy a ticket to visit Machado’s tomb instead of visiting the church in Colliure with its exceptional altarpiece.