Un país de butxaca

A Pocket Country | Empúries, 2010

After having tracked down his Russian origins and having explored his childhood in A French education, Bezonoff shares with us his discovery of Catalanhood and how, while he turned into a Catalan author, the Roussillon –his pocket-sized country- was also turning into a suburb of Montpellier, and Ramon Muntaner’s language is vanishing like mist on a summer morning.

A very interesting and funny story in which Bezonoff has no qualms in making direct attacks against any memory-destroying machinery, without falling into pamphleteering, insults or archetypical patriotic songbooks. He prefers to use his corrosive white irony. He will not refrain from saying anything, but he will always speak (or rather, write) with sharp wit.

→ TV Movie rights sold to: Mallerich Films - Paco Poch. Dirección: Ona Planas