La poesía que nos merecemos

The Poetry We Deserve | Reservoir Books, 2021

The latest from an all-star satirical illustrator.
A brutally original book.

«In early 19th-cenutry Europe, it was common for readers to drool saliva onto a paragraph as a way of expressing their disagreement with the content. If they noticed a fallacy or a lack of historical rigor, for example. It was akin to highlighting a text, but in a derogatory sense.»
La poesía que nos merecemos joins the ranks of this apocryphal European bibliophilic tradition: it is show of disrespect towards contemporary ethics and aesthetics, towards a world plagued with pundits, influencers, know-it-alls, gurus, and other shiny-furred creatures. This book is dedicated to them, and to the poetry they produce.

«The wisest thing for you to do, dear reader, would be to open this book to any page—it doesn’t matter which—and if what you see makes you laugh, opens your mind to a new perspective, hurts your feelings, or makes you sad, then maybe this is the book you deserve.»