Los Baldrich

The Baldrich Family | Alfaguara, 2009 / Pocket, Punto de Lectura

» Talento FNAC 2009

Jenaro Baldrich has had clear goals from an early age: to have a family, set up a business in crumbling post-war Barcelona, and get as close to the top as he can. Nothing will stop him from achieving his aims, even if he forgets the dream of a stable, close family on the way.

This is a tale of ambition, the story of a man capable of everything but betraying himself, and an accurate portrait of a comfortable family in which the children must flee their oppressive home before the noble surname of Baldrich ruins them.

This fascinating novel by Use Lahoz is shaped by greed and a lack of communication, but also generosity, love and lust. A bittersweet tale of 20th century Spain with all the mastery of the great classic sagas.