Volverán a por mí

They'll Come Back to Get Me | La galera, 2012

» La Galera Young Readers Prize 2011

Are you a rebellious young misfit? Parents don’t understand you? Do you find it hard to fit in and make friends? The Phoenix Academy will change you... whether you want to change or not.

Greco, a difficult sixteen-year-old boy, is sent to prestigious English institution the Phoenix Academy, famous for straightening out rebellious youngsters in record time. There he meets Iris, another student. Together they discover highly strange goings on in the academy: students are disappearing one by one and then returning, disturbingly docile and changed. Greco and Iris don’t have much time to discover the mystery of the Academy and its sinister director, or they will become its next victims.

Josan Hatero was born in Barcelona. As a child he collected tree branches he thought were swords. Use Lahoz was also born in Barcelona but prefers to go swimming in the Mississippi with Tom Sawyer. They are considered two of Spanish literature’s newest talents. Volverán a por mí is their first – and by no means last – collaboration.