Mare de llet i mel

Edicions 62, 2018 / Destino, 2018

» Prix de l'Ours d'Or

Mare de llet i de mel is the powerful story of Fatima, a Muslim woman that returns to Rif to visit her family after several years spent away. Once there, she tells her seven sisters all that she has gone through.

When she was a young mother, Fatima was forced to leave her family and the town she has always lived in, to emigrate with her daughter to Europe, trying to find her estranded husband. There, unable to speak or understand the language, she finds herself alone in a completely different culture where she has to face the difficulties and the shock of adapting from a small rural world to a modern city.  And yet, she fights to move forward and gives her daughter a future.

Articulated as an oral story, capturing the Amazigh spirit, the novel offers a complete fresco of what it is today to be a woman in the Muslim rural world and also a detailed and profund portrait of the experience of immigration.