María y yo

Maria and I / Astiberri, 2007

» Best Work and Best Sript at the Barcelona International Comic Book Fair
» Catalan National Book Award
» The film has been awarded of The International Disability Film Festival «Breaking Down Barriers» 2014
» One of the Mischief Makers Summer 2018 Reading Challenge books selected by the Reading Agency (UK)

In this tender and amusing memoir of a summer vacation with his autistic daughter, the author uses his expertise as an artist to communicate with her through his drawings and tell us a beautiful story, thus shattering most of the clichés about children with autism. A revealing and cathartic read.

María is 12 years old, she has an infectious smile, and a great sense of humor. She also has autism. This comic tells the story of her holiday with her father in the Canary Islands, Spain, and the adventures they get up to.

Delightful illustrations and dialogue between father and daughter show the day-to-day challenges that people with autism and their carers face, and how Miguel and María overcome them.

«María and I share certain peculiarities and habits… Mine I have invented, and hers are a mixture of her autism and being stubborn like her grandmother.» Miguel Gallardo, author

🎬  The film Maria and Me, has won the Educactif prize from The Pamplona Film Festival XI, whose jury praised the educational efforts of a story that was «original and full of humor, irony, and sincerity» about living with an autistic person.