Reis del món

Kings of the World | Edicions 62, 2020

Reis del món is a novel of European scope, starting from two real and antagonistic characters, giants of the twentieth century.

One is Joan Mascaró, the main translator and populariser in western culture of Indian mystical thought. The other is Joan March, contrabandist and financier, one of the richest and most powerful men of his times, capable of bringing down governments and dictating his conditions to Franco and Churchill. Both were born in Santa Margalida, a town in the central plain of Mallorca, and for many years they had a cordial but also complex and contradictory relationship.

Through these two figures, Alzamora tells a story that wanders through Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Germany, Algeria, Morocco, and Sri Lanka, all the while recording the most convulsive century in the history of humankind.