Sebastià Alzamora (Llucmajor/Mallorca, 1972) graduated from the Universitat de les Illes Balears with a degree in Romanic Philology. He was first known as a poet with a collection called Rafel (Edicions 62, 1994), and since then Alzamora has published several poetry works and novels, that have granted him several literary awards.

Among the awards he's received one should mention the prestigious Sant Jordi Award for Catalan Literature in 2011 for Crim de sang (Proa, 2012) and the Serra d'Or Award of the Critics, in 2019 for La netedat (Proa, 2018).

The theatrical version of Reis del món (Proa, 2020), written by Josep M. Miró (National Prize for Dramatic Literature 2022) and directed by José Martret, premiered with great success at Palma (Mallorca) and performed in Madrid on February 2022.

In 2022 he published his latest novel, Ràbia (Proa, 2022), that granted him the Òmnium Award for Best Novel of the Year, and was named Best Novel in the Catalan Literature section according El País.

His works have been translated into several languages, including English.

«Extraordinary.» Publishers Weekly

For novels:
» Documenta Award 
» City of Palma/Llorenç Villalonga Award
» Josep Pla Award 
» Sant Jordi Award
» Serra d'Or Critics Award
» Illa dels Llibres Award
» Òmnium Award

For poetry:
» Salvador Espriu Award
» Jocs Florals of Barcelona 
» Carles Riba Award

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