Elaine Vilar Madruga (Havana, 1989) is already one of the latest and most powerful voices to be reckoned with in the new boom of Latin American literature. Throughout more than thirty works, this prolific author has developed her very particular universe as novelist, poet and playwright in books published in Cuba, United States, Canada, Spain, Chile, France, Dominican Republic, Italy and Mexico.
Professor of creative writing and journalist, her books have been awarded with numerous international recognitions for her personal mixing of the realistic and the fantastic, delving into the limits of genres to cross them and feverishly find the points of union between horror and lyric in a constant reflection on the systems of power, the limits of the body and sexuality or the new ways of understanding and defending feminism.

El cielo de la selva

The Sky over the Rain Forest | Lava, 2023

La tiranía de las moscas

The Tyranny of Flies | Barrett, 2021