Enric González (Barcelona, 1959) is the son of the author Francisco González Ledesma. At 17, he began working as a journalist for La Hoja del Lunes (Barcelona edition), before moving on to El Correo Catalán and El Periódico de Catalunya. He started writing for El País in the 1980s, where he has spent most of his journalistic career, going on to become the paper’s correspondent in London, Paris, New York, Washington and Rome. Years later, he published Historias de Londres (RBA, 1999), Historias de Nueva York (RBA, 2006), Historias del Calcio (RBA, 2007) and Historias de Roma (RBA, 2010).

During his career, he has covered the Gulf War, the Rwandan genocide and the nuclear tests on the Mururoa Atoll. He was El País’ Jerusalem correspondent, deciding to leave the post in October 2012 following PRISA’s redundancy programme. He is also a regular contributor to the cultural magazine Jot Down. On 16 January 2013, he was announced as the new columnist for the newspaper El Mundo, and has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Alternativas Económicas since its launch on 1 March 2013.

The author has received three prizes for his work as a journalist: the Cirilo Rodríguez prize for the best war correspondent in Spain, the City of Barcelona Prize for Journalism 2009 and the Francisco Cerecedo prize, along with the Association of European Journalists, also in 2009. His last two novels were Una cuestión de fe (Libros del KO, 2012) and Memorias líquidas (Wabi Sabi, 2012).

«Enric González belongs to the category of peace correspondents: journalists who change cities in a kind of voluntary and addictive exile.» El País


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