Historias de Roma

Rome Stories | RBA, 2010

Rome is a city of cities, the eternal city, which has to change and evolve to remain itself. Irresistibly chaotic, in those streets impregnated with the slow melancholy of a past of millenary stones, spellbinding places and moments abound.  

Historias de Roma is neither a tourist guide nor a compendium of clichés, but rather a personal journey through a fascinating, sometimes secret Rome. In its pages, the reader will find a succession of Roman stories, characters, moments and settings: cats, Caravaggio's paintings, Keats' house and tomb, the exquisite Roman cuisine, bureaucracy, the street where Aldo Moro's body was found, the popes, Berlusconi and his emissaries, a church where nobody wants to get married, football, Masonic conspiracies, the palazzos and the dome of St Peter's in the mists of night. An essential book for lovers of Rome and a must for those who don't know it yet.