Laura Fernández (Terrassa, 1981) is the author of six novels: Welcome to Welcome (Elipsis 2008; Literatura Random House, 2019), Wendolin Kramer (Seix Barral, 2011), La Chica Zombie (Seix Barral, 2013), El Show de Grossman (Aristas Martínez, 2013), Connerland (Literatura Random House, 2017) and La señora Potter no es exactamente Santa Claus (Literatura Random House, 2021), that was distinguished with the Ojo Crítico de Narrativa Prize 2021, the Finestres Prize for Narrative in Spanish 2021, the Las librerías Recomiendan Prize for best fiction book of 2021, and the Kelvin 505 Prize, as well as a Special Mention at the Ciutat de Barcelona Awards.

Her work has been translated into French, Italian and English, and her short stories have been included in numerous anthologies, and finally collected in a volume of selected stories entitled Damas, caballeros y planetas (Random, 2023).

Her stories have the punch of an over-read Stella Gibbons' Douglas Adams, and the otherworldly ambition of a Thomas Pynchon fan of Stephen King. She is also a journalist and literary and music critic, and a passionate interviewer. She currently writes mainly for El País, although she has contributed to a myriad of media in the past. She also worked in a video store and started a band. She has two children and a stack of Philip K. Dick books.

«What unbeatable fun!» TC Boyle

«I so love reading Laura, she is incredible and very, very wild...and outrageous. I love the energy the pace, the extraordinary imagination, how she plays with the language, my god it's amazing. I can see Robert Coover laughing with glee, like she's his naughty child. Truly, amazing. I feel very lucky to have read these pages. And all the names she's taken from literature, and what she's done with it. Well, beautiful. So beautiful. So extraordinary and so alive. I am in awe.» Edward Carey

«Laura Fernández has a fertile, exhuberant imagination. Her plots swerve in wild, glorious directions. Her fantasy fiction is informed by a deep curiosity about, and love of, real world human beings. It would be great to see her work adopted by the right publisher and made available in English.» David Mitchell

«A powerful writer with an enviable future.» Manuel Vilas

«Laura Fernández’s fiction is now required reading. In this work of Cervantine creativity at its finest, Fernández brings the genre to imaginary spaces rarely seen in our literature. Don’t miss her narrative festival, Laura makes literature bright and cheerful.» Agustín Fernández Mallo

Damas, caballeros y planetas

Ladies, Gentlemen, and Planets | Literatura Random House, 2023

La chica zombie

The Zombie Girl | Debolsillo, 2023; Seix Barral, 2013

El show de Grossman

The Grossman Show | Debolsillo, 2023; Aristas Martínez, 2013

Wendolin Kramer

Wendolin Kramer | Debolsillo, 2023; Seix Barral, 2011

La señora Potter no es exactamente Santa Claus

Mrs. Potter Isn't Exactly Santa Claus | Literatura Random House,

Bienvenidos a Welcome

Welcome to Bienvenidos | Literatura Random House, 2019; Elipsis 2008


Connerland | Literatura Random House, 2017