Laura Ferrero (Barcelona, 1984) is is a writer, scriptwriter and journalist, who graduated in Journalism and Philosophy.

Her articles and reviews are regularly featured in El País, among other outlets, and as a scriptwriter she has worked for several film and TV projects, including the awarded documentary El techo amarillo, the screen adaptation of Un amor by Sara Mesa or HBO’s Foodie Love.

She debuted with the short stories Piscinas vacías (Alfaguara, 2016), that put her in the radar of readers and critics. Qué vas a hacer con el resto de tu vida (Alfaguara, 2017) was her acclaimed debut novel, followed by the successful collection of short stories, La gente no existe (Alfaguara, 2021).

Her latest novel is Los astronautas (Alfaguara, 2023), widely praised by the critics.

Los astronautas

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La gente no existe

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Qué vas a hacer con el resto de tu vida

What Are You Going to Do with the Rest of your Life | Alfaguara/PRH, 2017

Piscinas Vacías

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