Shaina Joy MACHLUS

Shaina Joy Machlus (1988, New Jersey) is a writer, journalist, English teacher and graduate in Biology and Health Sciences. She is also a regular columnist for Tom Tom Magazine, Got a Girl Crush and La Directa. Her articles can also be found in publications such as Broadly and Afroféminas.

Her first book, Yes Is the Sexiest Word is being succesfully published in Spanish (Penguin Random House, 2019) and Catalan (L'Altra Editorial, 2019) and it's the first sexual consent guide written in these languages. She is also founder of Ricarda Editorial, a project whose objective is to publicize the work of women and artists outside the binary genre in order to amplify voices and themes that are too often ignored. Currently, Shaina considers Barcelona, ​​Catalunya, her home.

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La palabra más sexy es sí

Penguin Random House, L'Altra Editorial 2019 | Yes Is the Sexiest Word