Archivos espæciales

Spæcial files | Astiberri, 2020

Flavita Banana returns with a new volume that compiles some of her best cartoons, more than 200 pages drawn with her resounding and unmistakable line and populated by women with wild hair, clueless men, a lot of laughter and, how could it be otherwise in the case of a book published in 2020, its particular chronicle of the new customs that the coronavirus crisis has left us.

The situations that Flavita portrays are a chronicle of our time but also, on many occasions, the place where anyone would like to live. Flavita, as Maitena comments in the prologue to this edition, "is capable of activating the deepest areas of our cerebral cortex and also tickling us. It is not easy today to find the forcefulness of the meme in graphic humor". His humor is stellar, cosmic. Special.