Archivos estelares

Star Files | Astiberri, 2017

Archivos estelares brings her most popular strips together for the very first time, in a volume numbering more than 200 pages.

Blessed with a vigorous, distinctive style and a tremendous knack for portraying the joys and miseries of humankind, Flavita Banana has for several years been offering her strips on social media and contributing to such publications as Smoda, Orgullo y Satisfacción and Mongolia.

«Very few have the ability to combine love and comedy in such a convoluted yet direct way». So says Miguel Gallardo in a piece that serves as a prologue to the book. «Despite all of the cynicism on display, she offers a glimpse into a heart as big as a house, one that takes a shine to these women with dishevelled hair and these bewildered men.»