Las cosas del querer

The Stuff of Love | Lumen -Penguin Random House-, 2017 | Lumen, 2021

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An illustrated book in which a strong-willed character lifts the lid, with humour aplenty, on what it is women desire. 

Las cosas del querer is about not only romantic love (in all shapes and sizes), but also about the individual yearnings that every woman harbours within. For sometimes desire starts with a yes, sometimes with a no, and there are times when we would dearly love not to have to satisfy so many cravings, whether our own or otherwise.

An entertaining and heartfelt book that will make you laugh and give you pause for thought.  The author, Flavita Banana, donning the guise of a female character who, much like all her characters, has energy, strength and humour in spades, laughs in the face of hackneyed clichés and casts doubt on certain preconceived notions about women, everyday life and coupledom.

Blessed with a unique knack for depicting emotions, Flavita Banana has come up with her own individual style, portraying characters stripped bare of façades and formal manners. A vigorous style, combining energy and a sense of humour, is the hallmark of her work.